Readers will appreciate her honesty. Though marketed as a young adult title, this novel should appeal to both teen-agers and adults.

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Headline News brief. Subscribe to one of our news e-mail lists. Enter your address:. Go To EST GMT CNN -- If you've been through years of therapy trying to suppress torturous memories of your isolated, clique-less, academically unsuccessful high school years, and have beaten back memories of attending the prom stag, awakening to the sound of the cool kids egging your house, and being tripped in the hallways by snot-nosed upstarts a year behind you, don't read "Speak.

Nancy Matson is the author of the juvenile novel "The Boy Trap.

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Review: Book recalls the tumult of the teen years

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Confirm Password. Melinda, however, is not interested in gaining popularity and spends much of her time in an abandoned janitor's closet at school. She has stolen some late passes, so she uses the closet as a hideout to avoid teachers she dislikes and painful interactions with her former friends.

Review: Speak: The Graphic Novel is a game-changer

Her only solace at school is art class, where she is working on a year-long project to create various interpretations of a tree. In the school hallways, she occasionally sees IT, a name she has given to senior Andy Evans, and she slowly begins to face what he did to her. Whenever he sees her, he antagonizes her in ways that make her relive her initial experience with him.

She grows more despondent and even ditches whole days of school. Her parents and guidance counselor try to get her to open up about her poor academic performance, but Melinda refuses to speak to them. However, over many months of painful silence and self-harm in the form of lip- and nail-biting, Melinda finally admits to herself that Andy Evans raped her at the party last summer. After facing the fact that she was raped, Melinda begins to recover from the trauma of the event.

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