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Public funding of presidential elections In place since , the presidential public funding program provides eligible presidential candidates federal government funds to pay for the valid expenses of their political campaigns in both the primary and general elections. How public funding works The tax checkoff used to finance the presidential public funding program Additional reports and resources for candidates, journalists and citizens. Rules for national convention delegates Individuals seeking to become or serving as convention delegates are not considered federal candidates.

Learn more about raising and spending funds for delegate activity. What are some major criticisms of the Electoral College.

The Importance Of Keeping The Electoral College Politics Essay

Should we keep it. Before these questions are addressed it should be noted that many people were not aware of the existence of the Electoral College, perhaps even the Author of this paper. What is the Electoral College. Population of , and area of Although highly integrated in the European market and the Schengen Area, Iceland is not a member of EU and currently has suspended negotiations that began in , until the government can hold a referendum on the question whether or not to continue negotiations. Pop Iceland is a parliamentary representative democratic republic, where the Prime Minister is the head of the government Powerful Essays words 5.

The electoral college gives too much power to the government, overlooks equal representation, and creates loopholes that do not serve to help America thrive.

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The electoral college is a group of five hundred and thirty-eight people who, every four years, decide our countries president and vice president Popular Vote The United States is a privileged country with freedoms and opportunities many countries strive to achieve. However, the same government that promises hope has flaws that frustrate the American people; the Electoral College is one topic of debate Strong Essays words 3. Soon, the idea of citizens indirectly selecting the president soon bloomed into the formation of the initial College of Electors.

Although some individuals cherish this firm establishment, I firmly think the Electoral College fails to balance power and politically sustain our nation. In order to address the issue whether the Electoral College should be thrown away or not, the reasons why it was first established in the first place must be discussed The Electoral College was established to elect a president in a country that was split up into thirteen states that lacked communication and transportation and was made up of 4 million people scattered through out thousands and thousands of miles Middleton, Term Papers words 7 pages Preview.

Many Americans are shocked to discover that the answer to this question is yes. The Founding Fathers were not the strong advocates of democratic rule that the average American has been led to believe.

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In this Article one will find the details of the Electoral College system, a system which denies the power to elect the president to the American people Term Papers words 5. Strong Essays words 2. Mostly because not many voters are knowledgeable on what the voting system to elect a president is.

The Electoral College is a voting system that was put in place by the founding fathers back in When voters casts their ballots, they are actually voting for the presidential electors. Each state is guaranteed at least 3 electoral votes. The number of electors a state has is equivalent to the number of representatives they have plus the 2 seats in Senate Good Essays words 1. Congressman is allotted by population and every state has two senators, so Rhode Island, which has basically nobody in it, has three electoral votes. California, with 53 representatives and two senators, has 55 electoral votes.

The states choose electors and the electors meet in what is called the Electoral College to pick a president. In practice, nearly every state has passed a law that the electors will all vote for the popular vote winner in their state, but as the Supreme Court said in Bush v The process of the Electoral College is one of these traditions whose relevance is often called into question.

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The Electoral College has some advantages and disadvantages, but the fairness of it stems much controversy as well. Alternatives which may replace the Electoral College are even taken into consideration Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. So why has the way America votes stayed the same. The Electoral system in America is not perfect, but can easily be fixed by two minor changes to the way the Electoral College is set up.

The Electoral College is only in need to be updated not changed.

Many people realized there are flaws in the Electoral College but do not know how it can be improved. The improvement starts with the delegates that are given to each state. Each state is given a number of delegates based on population The Electoral College is a process by which individual votes do not determine the president elect, however the president elect is chosen by the number of votes the candidate earned in each state.

It was established and created by the founding fathers in According to National Archives and Records Administration the Electoral College is a compromise between the selection of the President by a vote in Congress and the selection of the President by a popular vote by the citizens They have pledged to vote for a specific candidate in the Electoral College, which is the group of representatives that actually elects the President and Vice President.

The History Of The Electoral College Politics Essay

Currently, the Electoral College has members who represent each state, equal to the number of representatives and senators that represent the state in Congress Due to a fear of mob rule, the founders of the United States aspired to acquire a system of political representation. In order to insure checks within the system, elections were derived from representative blocks of votes.

In addition, The Framers realized that vast numbers of regional candidates could allure the interests of diverse exclusive factions, allowing for the opportunity for the people to become divided, which could lead to interference in the succession of power The United States of America has one of the most complicated election processes in the world and the United States presidency is the pinnacle of our election process. From, candidates, primary elections, national conventions, debates, general elections, and endless amounts of voting, the road to the presidency is not easy nor short Better Essays words 4.

American citizens took this news as a surprise for a simple reason: most did not vote for him. In fact, less than half of the population did. Hillary Clinton lost, but with over half of the popular votes behind her. This phenomenon occurred because of something that has been around since the American constitution was written- the Electoral College The Electoral College, which is the group of people who formally elect the President and Vice-President of the United States, has been part of our nation since its inception.

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Electoral College

There are electors in the Electoral College, which comes from the number of House representatives and the two Senators each state has Better Essays words 3 pages Preview. Waldman claims that the current system does not give Presidential candidates incentive to campaign in any states and not just swing states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. To prove this, a tweet by President Elect Donald Trump was quoted, "If the election were based on total popular vote I would have campaigned in N.

It consists of electors, these ultimately decided who become the president and vice president of the United States. The Electoral College is a process of electors voting and congress counting those electoral votes. The Electoral College was created for two reasons, to create a buffer in between the population and the selection of the president and the government felt it gave more power to smaller states Schulman Another concern was the distance and lack of communication that would prevent voters from learning about the candidates. Again, this has not been a concern for a while now.

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We had presidential candidate on the campaign trails using trains. We now have various methods of news outlets ranging from Newspapers, to Television, to Internet. As per their argument that distance would also prevent voters from knowing the candidates is not valid.

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We now have various methods of transportation. Also advent of news outlets reduces the need for voters to meet the candidate to get to know their views on various topics This election is called the general election to show the popular vote, but does this election actually elect a candidate to be President. No, this election does not officially elect a President. A group of delegates, called the Electoral College, gathers together to formally elect the President of the United States.

During the Constitutional convention in , the delegates debated a long time about how the President should be elected This established an indirect system for voting for the president. Each state chooses a representative to represent their state and vote for the president.

The representatives from each state also choose the vice president. The Electoral college consists of members. There was multiple way that were being considered at the time of the Constitutional Convention of Some including election of the President and Vice President by the Congress, by the governors of each state, by the state legislation, and by direction popular vote.

Each idea was found to have some flaw which then lead to the creation of the Committee of Eleven which was is currently known as the Electoral College The founders of the Constitution came up with this process. This was done to give additional power to the small states, and it was done to satisfy them. It works with the citizens of the United States electing representatives called electors. Each state is given the same amount of electors, as they are members of congress.

Each elector must cast one vote for President and one vote for Vice President Bush, President of the United States]. The Electoral College System provides electoral votes to candidates despite losing popular votes. The Electoral College System is unfair as candidates who do not win popular vote can still win a presidential election. This system is unfair as it grants electors to become the voice of million people.

Even if congressional approval ultimately is sought for the National Popular Vote plan, that approval would take place after the compact is approved by sufficient states to enact it. The Founding Fathers did not design the system of allocating electoral votes currently used in most states. Rather, they established the Electoral College without any instructions on how states should use it. In the first presidential election in , only five states allowed citizens to vote for the president in any form.

In , when Thomas Jefferson won our fourth presidential election, only two states allocated electoral votes based on the now-dominant winner-take-all unit rule in which all electoral votes went to the candidate winning the statewide popular vote. Adoption of the unit rule in the following decades was driven by partisan motives.

Once enough states adopted the unit rule, any state using another method risked hurting its favored presidential candidate. If states controlled by one party used the unit rule and states controlled by another party allocated electoral votes by congressional district, then the first party would gain a national advantage. There is every reason to believe they would have chosen to act to fix the problem.