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In fact, when one really understands the society in which he lives he is no longer a child. Although Jem, being a child at the beginning of the novel, is immature and unaware of the society in which he lives, he matures mentally to the point where he sees the evil in society and gains a knowledge of death. Like most children, at the beginning of To Kill A Mockingbird Jem and Scout are both young, play together, and have childhood monsters or fears like other children.

Here Jem is only nine years old and therefore still a moderately young child; it is assumed he is therefore immature. Jem also spends his time playing with his five year old sister. As the novel progresses, Jem no longer plays with his sister Scout, but he is doing so at this point and he would appear to anyone as one child playing with his sister.

Lastly, Jem has childhood fears like most any child does. All children have their fears or monsters. Primarily it is assumed that Jem is a child due to three main points that come across; Jem is young, plays with his little sister, and has childhood monsters. However, as the novel progresses so does Jem to the point where he matures mentally enough to see the evil in the society around him. She almost said Atticus was disgracing the family.

When Mr.

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His face was streaked with angry tears as we made our way through the cheerful crowd. Jem grows so angry and frustrated with the justice system and society in general that he becomes overwhelmed at this moment and begins to cry bitterly.

Just as Jem in his maturity gains a sense of the society around him, he also obtains a knowledge of death. The primary death was that of Mrs.

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Dubose and death itself. She died ready, peacefully, and free of morphine, of which she was an addict.

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This was the case for Mrs. Once again Jem sees the dark half of the society which killed Tom, an innocent man. More scuffling, and there came a dull crunching sound Jem screamed. These three deaths each had a their own individual effect on Jem, but Jem definitely gained an accomplished knowledge of death. Thus, Jem is a child at the beginning of To Kill A Mockingbird but does mature, gaining a sense of the society surrounding him and a knowledge, or a mature awareness, of death. Atticus Finch was a man who fought for what he believed in.

He was always the one who stood up for what was right, not what the more popular thing to do was. Atticus has a lot of courage to do what he did for Tom Robinson. Atticus looked past the racism that was in the courtroom where Tom was being accused of raping a woman and he stood up for him. Atticus believed in equality amongst people and he thought that the court was not being equal.

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Atticus taught his daughter Scout and his son Jem to be a Many say that the central theme in the movie To Kill A Mockingbird is southern society and racism, but the central theme is the mockingbird, of which racism is a small part. Atticus Finch, a lawyer and father of two children living in Maycomb, Alabama, says: "they say that to kill a mockingbird is a sin because all the mockingbird does is sing for us all day.

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First, the mockingbird theme holds true for Tom Robinson. Tom is a black man who To kill a mockingbird by Harper leethe book to kill a mockingbird is about a small country town with many racial problems with a trial on a black man who is accused of raping a white girl the odds are against him and he has no one to defend him except one man who isn't overcome by the racism in the town so he decides to defend the mans life. The whole story pretty You can look at a tube of toothpaste, study it, observe the colors of the plastic container and notice the size and shape of it.

You can guess all you want what's on the inside, but you will never know until it is squeezed. People: they are made up of so many different things. You can look at them, study their behaviors, and observe their appearances. You can make many assumptions about what they're like on the inside, but you will never know Believe it or not, individuals have trouble seeing black from white.

Mankind has the ability to develop an immoral sense of integrity suited to their needs, yet morally accept their sense of integrity. The author of To Kill a Mockingbird illustrates this illusion portrayed by a Southern society. By using a s Southern point-of-view, Harper Lee demonstrates that integrity not only has the power to unite humankind, but to divide humankind as well. The setting of To Kill a Mockingbird, in a small Alabama community is constructed from the contradictions of Christianity and prejudice. Through prejudice and bigotry, the Southern Child narration gives a naive view of events, within a text which is highlighted by the reader's better understanding of events than that of the narrator.

This paper will deal with To Kill a Mockingbird and Jane Eyre, giving insight into how the texts are affected by a child narration. To Kill a Mocking Bird is narrated by a young child named Scout. Scout is an excellent example of how child narration can emphasise a character's significant growth as a person throughout a text. With his infinite capacity for calming turbulent seas, he could make a rape case as dry as a sermon Lee As a result, Tom is defined to be guilty and appears to be killed during his attempt to run away. Despite the fact that Atticus does his best trying to protect the man, he cannot overpower social limitations and overall indifference.

At the same time, this opposition between his moral truth and external injustice gives a great lesson to Jem and Scout. In particular, they begin to respect their father and learn the bitter realness of the world and humans. As was stated before, Jem looks at Atticus. He is very excited about the trial and believes that they will win it. The boy is older than his sister, and he tries to explain all adult things to her. On the other hand, concerning the case, Atticus made it so limpid and obvious to all listeners that even Scout gets everything.

Essay about Jem´s Maturity in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

When the judges give a negative verdict, the boy becomes furious. He knows that it is not right and he wonders whether something can be done or not. Despite the fact that Jem is older than Scout, he is still little to know that unfair issues prosper among adults. This is the first time when Jem faces the fact of life.

Atticus does not indicate that it is right but it is so and nobody apart kids cares. Although Tom gets killed, the lawyer still encourages Jem and Scout to be reasonable.

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According to him:. From this point of view, kids get a fundamental lesson. In particular, they adopt an Atticus truth that people have to be judged according to their actions and not ethnicity or social status. In such a manner, despite the fact that the lawyer fails the case, he manages to cultivate in his children the right way of thinking.

Apparently, they live in the same society which prejudices naturally limit beneficial intentions and right actions. However, when a commitment to the truth lives in hearts, there is always a chance that someday it will overpower the external injustice and indifference. All in all, it turns of that the primary value of the book Lee presents boils down to the essential heritage parents can give to their kids.

Supposedly, moral treasures are invisible possessions, but they are always shown in actions people do. They speak louder than words, as well as define the human lifepaths. No matter how wrong the actual state of affairs is for the characters of the novel, Lee has hope that in the future the truth will triumph through doings of Jem and Scout.

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