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Doing BSc in business computing with IT. I was stucked on the conclusion and i went online to do some research. I found a couple things but believe me or not, when i read your article, wow it was like open door to heaven lol.

Thanks guy. I do really appreciate thatand it means a lot to me that people like you are out there to help. Great job. I enjoyed this, however my conclusion and recommendation section must be words and you have recommended to keep it short and brief in all of the sections meaning I cannot possibly extend the word count to such a figure?

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Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations

Key parts of the chapter The key area here is to understand that this chapter concludes ends your dissertation. What is included in the Chapter? Problem Statement and Methodology In this part you will be presenting the problem statement as you have presented it in the first chapter what was the problem and what did you want to achieve.

Results of Summary You should keep this section brief and identify the result with a general statement paragraph which it then followed by another paragraph that supports the evidence collected. Discussion of Results You should discuss the meaning of the results here, in brief, and highlight any important areas that you have identified.

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Abdirisk, You are welcome. Oh, and good luck. Am worried i want to present my final paper i need to dissertation help me. For example, if you are writing a business plan or discussing a law scenario, or answering an examination question, you may not need the above elements, unless the question specifically asks you for them or unless it is known that it is expected of you in the discipline you are working in.

However, you will generally need a final section to indicate that you are 'rounding off' the discusion. Always be very careful to check what the conventions are in the discipline you are working in, and ideally, it is best to look at examples of past students' work so that you can see what you are aiming for. When writing longer pieces of work, it is still very important to observe some of the principles above. For instance, you will still want to ensure that your conclusion really does conclude , and does not just go off at a tangent to discuss something that is unrelated to the thesis.

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  5. Some people believe mistakenly that a conclusion is the place for you to relax and 'say whatever you want'. This is incorrect. If you do this, you will be likely to be marked down. There are also likely to be some key differences in your approach when writing conclusions.

    How to write a thesis conclusion and recommendation chapter?

    Certainly, conclusions will be even more important in a dissertation or thesis, purely because of the length of the piece. Among the differences you will notice are the following:. Skip to main content Skip to navigation Writing a conclusion is an important part of any piece of writing. Helpful information, advice and materials for writing conclusions 1. What are the typical ingredients in a conclusion? See a sample conclusion 4. Try a practice activity 5.

    Check out further advice on writing conclusions 6. What are the typical 'ingredients' of a conclusion?

    How to Properly Write the Conclusions and Recommendations for a Research Paper

    A summary of the main part of the text. A summary of the main points being careful not to repeat exactly what you have written before. Among the differences you will notice are the following: As well as having an overall conclusion to your dissertation or thesis, each chapter should also have a conclusion as well as an introduction. The reason for this is that in a longer piece of writing, it becomes more important to remind the reader of what you have done and why you have done it, before you move onto the next stage. The conclusion of a dissertation or thesis is not an opportunity to engage in a personal 'rant'.

    You must draw out key aspects of the literature you have studied, along with your recommendations , and say how they are justified or contradicted by your research.

    Conclusions and recommendations

    Check your paper for plagiarism in 10 minutes. Generate your APA citations for free! Home Knowledge Base Dissertation How to write a thesis conclusion. Date updated: August 13, The conclusion is the very last part of your thesis or dissertation. What is your plagiarism score? Compare your paper with over 60 billion web pages and 30 million publications. The main research question has been concisely answered. The overall argument has been summarized.

    Key parts of the chapter

    There is reflection on the aims, methods and results of the research. Any important limitations have been mentioned. Relevant recommendations have been discussed. The contributions of the research have been clearly explained. Well done! See all other checklists Return to checklist. Is this article helpful?

    Shona McCombes Shona has a bachelor's and two master's degrees, so she's an expert at writing a great thesis. She has also worked as an editor and teacher, working with students at all different levels to improve their academic writing. Other students also liked. How to write a discussion section In the discussion, you interpret what your results mean and show why they matter. You can also evaluate limitations and make recommendations.