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How To Argue For Weed: 7 Arguments Against Marijuana Legalization, Debunked Common Argument #2: Marijuana is a gateway drug.

Pam is hung from a meat hook and later placed into a freezer, echoing the process carried out by butchers. The reversal in roles between Sally and a butchered animal decreases the value of human life in a sadistic cycle in which people feed on others. The set-up of the family meal time is parodic of American values, showing Leatherface serving the meal dressed as a woman, taking the role of the mother figure who would traditionally care for the family.

This twisted parody of everyday American life draws a link between events onscreen and the audience at home, remodeling traditional values into a barbaric vision where the consumer is to be consumed. The excessive bloodshed and theme of cannibalism presents a devaluing of human life, which can be seen to reflect the violent social and political issues involving America, in a time where the importance of political aims seemed to be placed above human life. The breakdown of classicism in form and content Essay, 5 Pages, Grade: E C Eden Cook Author.

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Read the ebook. Anglistik - Kultur und Landeskunde Comparison of Representations of the Communications - Movies and Television Medial effectiveness from portrayal o The responses of European authorities to Palestinian terror unfortunately did little to deter additional acts of terrorism on European soil. Worse, it boosted the profile of Palestinian terror groups.

Violence continued through the s, and in and , al-Qaeda carried out attacks in Madrid and London, respectively. In recent years, ISIS has exported violence to the continent, inspiring lone-wolf attacks and coordinating multi-person operations. Sources: Pluchinsky Conflict Quarterly. According to terror analyst Dennis Pluchinsky, Middle Eastern terror groups select European targets for a number of reasons. According to author Lorenzo Vidino, European countries have provided asylum to Islamists regardless of past crimes, and immigration laws have rarely been enforced.

There is little censorship of hateful clerics—who are able to preach freely within their communities—and recruitment to terror organizations has rarely been prosecuted. Beyond the geographical and political factors leading to the selection of European terror targets, European counterterrorism strategies have made Europe less safe. A lack of planning and prioritization among political units and security agencies has resulted in security lapses and botched intelligence sharing.

Incredibly, several European governments have even chosen to ignore attack warnings in order to protect diplomatic or economic equities. For example, since the Iranian revolution, several European countries have turned a blind eye to Iranian sponsored terror on their soil in order to preserve economic interests and trade ties with the Islamic Republic.


In the past few years, European governments have failed to appropriately connect seemingly distinct jihadist attacks to an extensive ISIS and al-Qaeda network on the continent. As a result, European authorities failed to synthesize information that might have prevented the November Paris attacks and March Brussels bombings, respectively. Source: New York Times.

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However, when European governments accommodated terrorist demands or failed to act systematically to confront terrorist actors, they either emboldened terror groups or exposed their citizens to preventable future terrorist violence. Since the s, Palestinian terrorists have carried out attacks in multiple European nations.

Dershowitz, p. Department of State.

The Munich Massacre

Vicious cycle: Some Europeans countries have historically consented to the terrorists demands. Unfortunately, these policies led to more hijacking operations. Led by Palestinian militant Abu Nidal, the group chose France for many of its attacks. In the s, the terror group waged a series of attacks in Paris on restaurants and shops.

The government allowed an Abu Nidal representative to live in France and serve as a contact between the two sides. The Austrian government also courted relations with the Abu Nidal Organization after the group targeted an Austrian hotel. Source: Al Arabiya. By the early s, Palestinian terror attacks inside Europe had become a regular occurrence. In the early morning of September 5, , eight insurgents from the Palestinian group Black September entered the Olympic compound in Munich, West Germany, killed two Israelis and took nine others hostage.

Combs, Martin W. Slann, p. Munich massacre Source: AP.

The Israeli government adhered to its policy of no negotiations with terrorists. But the West Germans, shocked and horrified at the thought of Jews being slaughtered on German soil, immediately sought to assuage the terrorists.

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Instead, the terrorists demanded that the hostages be flown to Cairo. A shootout ensued during the rescue operation and the terrorists, who had landed at the military airport in a helicopter, murdered the nine Israeli hostages onboard. Insufficient weaponry and a lack of radio contact between the West German snipers contributed to the failure. Authorities had also underestimated the number of terrorists and failed to provide enough sharpshooters. The West German government failed to process and share intelligence tips in the months leading up to the attack.

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  • Source: Spiegel. Less than one month before the attack, the West German government reportedly ignored a warning of a terror attack at the upcoming Olympic Games. Three of the attackers were captured by West German authorities immediately following the attack. However, the West German Chancellor Willy Brandt reportedly reached a deal with the Palestinian terrorists whereby a number of Palestinians would stage a hijacking of a Lufthansa airplane and demand the release of the Munich murderers. Critics suspected that the ruse was sought to effectuate the release of the prisoners while avoiding a real terror attack to accomplish the same purpose.

    The West German government released the prisoners, who returned home as heroes. Israeli security agents later hunted down and killed many Black September operatives believed to have been involved with the massacre. The larger collective European response to the killing of 11 hostages in Munich was increased support for Palestinian issues at the United Nations and attention drawn to the Palestinian cause internationally.

    In , three Iranian agents murdered Bakhtiar in his Paris home. In , Iranian assassins murdered professor Kazem Rajavi in Switzerland. It appears some European governments have been unwilling to confront Iranian-sponsored terror on European soil out of fear that it will hinder trade with the oil-rich country. Their reluctance to counter Iranian terror may also be tied to a belief that a proactive inquiry into the attacks would lead to aggravation of the Iranian regime and subsequent retaliatory violence.

    Ghassemlou had been in Austria to negotiate with Iranian officials on Kurdish rights and self-governance. Mohamad Sahraroudi, who was wounded in the attack, was even given police protection until he left Vienna one week after the assassination. The message that the people have received from various leaders of the PA is that if they vote for a candidate other than Mr.

    Abbas they will either lose jobs they already have in the PA or will not be hired by the PA in the future. Since the PA is the largest employer in the West Bank and Gaza, the threat carries a great deal of weight.

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    Looking forward, Abbas must work to dismantle this culture of intimidation and create the essential structures of democratic society? These are essential elements for progress toward a lasting peace with Israel. The Palestinian leadership has responsibility to move forward on putting in place a unified security force that is committed to fighting terrorism.

    And they have a responsibility to put in place reforms that will lead to democratic institutions. But the Arafat era taught us nothing if not the fallacy of building a peace edifice without a foundation. At this critical juncture, HonestReporting subscribers must not allow the media to advance wishful thinking at the expense of a process that leads to a genuine, lasting peace in the region.