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September 8, by Becky Leichtling. Search for:. The Insider: College Admissions Advice from the Experts is where College Coach experts weigh in on the latest college admissions topics. We cover everything from application timelines and strategies to tips on financing your child's education. Welcome to The Insider! Avoiding College Application Myths and M. Later on, when you become great at essay-writing, you will develop the skills, the feeling and the taste needed.

But be careful with your first essays and use this advice. Teachers use different methods to assign essay-writing tasks.

Sometimes they give a specific topic. Sometimes they would give you a choice from a list of several different ones. When you have a choice, pick up a topic you have the most to say about.

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It will be easier to constrict your writing than to expand it. There are a lot of interesting informative speech topics to choose from on the web. On a few occasions, the teacher would ask you to suggest your own topic within a given range of agendas and issues in the discipline you currently study. Coming up with your own topic is challenging and inspiring at the same time. You may try to approach your teacher with it even if you are given a topic or a selection from the list.

Teachers generally welcome such an initiative as it is a clear sign that the student is already able to think for oneself, to formulate problems, and to solve them. Research your topic. Even taking into account that a word essay is a short writing task, you should research it thoroughly. The better you navigate your topic, the easier it is for you to make up the plan of your work and to structure it in a proper way.

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When you feel you could write not a word essay but a good serious long-read article on this topic - you are ready for your short essay. This is the power of doing good research: once you do it, you will have a good command of the material and the ability to effectively structure your work. Try to go deeper and wider.

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Deeper in the analysis, preferably adding some of your own reasoning. And wider in coverage, trying to piece together a holistic, not a patchy view on the matter. This will have a good effect on your essay as it will show your awareness of the topic. But before you start writing, you should formulate your thesis statement. This is the point of view your essay would espouse, the main idea of your work, or just a direction it is heading to.

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Then choose several main points supposed to support your thesis. Develop and put down a list of ideas, notions or concepts working for your thesis statement, then cross most of them out, leaving only two or three - that will be enough for a word essay.

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Your thesis statement and supporting points you have developed represent the most valuable part of your essay. Dedicate a substantial part of your essay to them - it can be about words. Write this first. And only then write a good introduction. Even good students often make this mistake: they start with an intro without exactly knowing what the main part of the essay would say.

It involves a need to substantially redo the intro, or even to replace it with a new one. But even if not, your intro will take more time and efforts if the main body of your essay is not written yet. Once you have your thesis statement and supporting ideas ready, introduce the topic to the reader and tell your thesis - that is all a good introduction is about.

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Some fifty words will be enough for it. The outro, or the conclusion, is also important. The best advice here is to dedicate your outro to showing how exactly your points support your thesis statement, summarizing it all briefly. Editing your essay is also very important. Most of the time, the students are given an assignment by the word count and not by the number of pages.

As a matter of fact, there is no clear answer to this question. The number of pages it will take to fill a certain number of words will depend on various factors including the font size, the font type, spacing, the margins on the paper, the length of the paragraph, etc. For instance, if the assignment requires you to write in point font, it will take more words to cover a page than if you write in point font. As a general rule, a standard page with 1-inch margins and typed in 12 point font with single spacing will be roughly words.

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If you have to write an assignment with double spacing, it will take roughly words to cover one page. For a words assignment with double spacing, you need to write roughly four pages. In addition, the font type can make a difference to the number of pages used.