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It all looks good… but here are the questions: none of these ARIS has any integrated link with any university even if the university is in the same town. The purpose of all government effort for developing new science should be to provide a hassle free environment for dedicated research far from the madding crowds of a university dons and rowdy student masses.

By and large, student do not find a scientific career attractive because they know that if they opt for a bachelor of science stream, there is no excitement, no motivating teachers any more. Simultaneously, with the creation of ARIS the downgrading of our once excellent university systems also began.

Take any old university of today and compare its academic and scholarly ambience with what it was years ago. The difference is too obvious to comment.

Much more than documents.

The universities have become factories where the workers hours are counted by bureaucrats each time a pay revision takes place, when, merit as a criteria for selection, goes out of the window we have no reasons or justification to demand that a university should produce quality output. If we were to learn from our past mistakes, the following change is necessary.


First, there should be close interaction between universities and ARIS with the scientists from the former lecturing the students from the latter and the faculty and students from the latter being given opportunities for participating in frontier research at the former. Second, Scholastic merit must be seen to reassert itself in the university evolution. And third our scientific institutions should depart from the pay structure which parallels that of administration and an evolution scheme which is not adventurous enough to recognize and encourage merit at a young age.

For the evolution of a scientist is markedly different from that of a bureaucrat.

Towards a logical, rational generation

Science has made it possible to view traditional beliefs in a new light based on facts. One should not accept tradition simply because it is tradition.

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Nehru insisted on giving up much of traditional ways of beliefs and living. Nehru wanted scientists should play more active role in spreading scientific temper in the country.

Scientific temper essential to India’s development in 21st century

The importance of spreading scientific temper in the country was highlighted in various science and technology policy statements adopted by the government. There were other attempts in visualizing the concept of scientific temper in the present context and working out action plans.

However, India is yet to achieve scientific temper that Nehru wanted.