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Boon or bane the usage of mobile phone for students? - Fedena Blog

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Computer a bane or a boon essay

By Judy Bolton-Fasman. Nov 3, pm.

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Community Simchat Torah Celebration. Nov 1, pm. Tot Shabbat Halleilu. Nov 17, am. Blood Drive. Nov 19, pm. A child should not be totally dependent on a computer for all the assignments but should also make use of books. Computers are the best advanced technologies but should be make a right use of. Students are even allowed to present their opinion in front of people.

Video Games for Kids: Blessing or Curse? | Psychology Today

Yes,of course it is a boon as it not only help them in their academics but also helps in enhancing their knowledge. It teaches children how to live in today's world and overcome the challenges that everyday life has to offer. It also helps in planning our future by providing information on endless jobs and courses.

It gives information in just one click and helps us to reduce time involving in it.

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So I can say it is extremely useful but the only thing is that we should use it wisely. As computer is essential for children as they get knowledge by using in a good way. Childrens these days get know to so much that it will change their live in the future. Children play games for enjoyment and future we may not know that they may make there own better games in the future. If we need to know to more about computer will help to find the questions which you have doubt. It is actually a blessing we have computer. It is boon to children as they not only help them with their education but also help them to enhance their knowledge in many ways.

It teaches the children how to live in today's world and how to overcome the challenges that the life has to offer. With the help of computer we are able to contact our relative or friends those who are living in different part of the world. We can learn and understand anything which were not taught in the school. It helps us to plan our future by learning about many jobs and course.

DEBATE computer a bane

It reduces our time by giving information in just one click. The children in India and around the world get a good chance to explore the new things that the nature has to offer or perhaps which the great world itself has to offer.

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It teaches the children how to live in the world in today's time or probably how to overcome the challenges that the life has to offer. It also teaches the children the basic values that are taught by a very few books that are not even contained in a huge library. Computers are indeed a very huge bane for human race. My worthy opponents have stated some statements which i would like to clarify and contradict firstly computers are a nuisance. My worthy opponents have stated that computers provide us with info that can cleanse ignorance.

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But most of the info uploaded on computers are not verified and hence can be highly misleading and false. It can also present some vulgar and racial statements that can hurt many sentiments next the make em toooo easy srsly all our teachers and lecturers have studied at a time when computers werent there. But aree most arent they our favourite and our significant ideals Arent they good enough I say theyre better bcuz 1. They didnt have computers to print and copy past they manully wrote every thing which gave them immense practise 2.

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  • They were not distracted by computer articles computers also lead to cyberbullying exxample is the blu whale game and its impact so wouldnt they b be alive if computers aint exist U know that every thing has a negative side. Computers can damage the imagination of childern. I think computer is a bane.

    Children won't read to find information instead they just browse Internet to find it. They won't try to do anything on their own. They play games in laptops and never tend to move their muscle in playing outdoor games breathing good air.

    This causes harmful diseases which might affect their later in their life. Report Post. Computer is harmful to children because it is very harmful to children health. I t reduces the children's reading capacity Children won't read to find information instead they just browse Internet to find it. Computers pose serious health hazards to children. The risks include repetitive stress injuries, eyestrain, obesity, social isolation, and, for some, long-term damage to physical, emotional, or intellectual development.

    Children need stronger personal bonds with caring adults. People aged between 25 to 30 years cannot retreat from this childhood activity within themselves. Computers are a big boon to children as they not only help them with their education but also help them enhance their knowledge in many ways. But due to the presence of this electronic device, children have started spending more time in front of it as computer games have become a dearly thing to them.

    This has not only led to their health getting affected but has also put their social life on the backburner. Computer influence has taken over children lives so much that today they prefer to play games on it rather than go out and indulge in some physical exercise by playing various sports. Research shows that youngsters who spend their valuable time in playing video games fifteen hours a week are intended to be more aggressive in nature. A good example of this is my 14 year old cousin who was addicted to computer games at a very early age.

    His addiction confined him to his room for most of the day and he rarely went out to play some sport. This addiction proved to be harsh on him after a year when health problems such as pain in the eyes and inability to concentrate on studies, started affecting him.